Wine Cellar Behind the Secret door, Eau de Vie 06/04/2019

“The entrance of Eau de Vie has no signboards and really is a secret place in Melbourne. If no one took me here I wouldn’t have been able to find it. Whisky and cocktails are really good here. If you come with friends, just wait for them to take a sip and sigh, ah, amazing!”

Eau de Vie may remind people of when America had a ban on alcohol in the 1920s because it’s behind an unmarked door in an inconspicuous street. You almost can’t believe there’s anything behind the door, until you push it in and see you have discovered a cocktail paradise!

The old cabinets are stocked with a wide range of excellent wines. In their menu, they detail the inspiration of stocking these particular wines. For those who prefer something else, Eau de Vie’s famous cocktail recipe book is something to keep an eye out for.

In the whisky cellar behind the bookshelf, rare and unique whiskies are abundant, and this wine cellar can even be transformed into a venue for private functions. Enjoy a splendid dinner at the dining table, which can hold up to sixteen people, while you sip on a fantastic cocktail or whisky

What to have:
- Smoky Rob Roy
- Yuzu Mule Eau de Vie

Address: 1 Malthouse Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph.: (03) 8393 9367

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday: 5pm-1am
Friday-Saturday: 4pm-1am

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