The Opium Den of Old Shanghai, New Gold Mountain - Melbourne 06/04/2019

“Located in a quintessential alleyway which actually reminds me of old Shanghai, I can quietly sit in a tranquil pocket of space amongst the hustle and bustle sipping on a whiskey with ice, which instantly picks me up after any long day.”

New Gold Mountain is named after the Victorian Gold Rush of the early 1950s. Word of the gold rush spread around the world and many people left their familiar homelands to a strange new world looking for gold with the hope to get rich overnight. At this time underground industries like opium dens and brothels flourished.

After slipping through the beaded curtain doors, the paper screens and red printed fabrics hanging from the ceiling are reminiscent of Shanghai. Cassandra Fahey is the person behind this design of this enigmatic place, where an aura of mystery hangs in the air and harmonizes with the interior design. The faint glowing yellow lights gives a feel of being in a opium den.

The green coloured level is brighter and better suited to small gatherings of up to fifty people. While the intimate layers of in the red level is better for evenings with close friends or a romantic date. The wine cellar has an extraordinary capacity and has been voted globally as a must visit destination in Melbourne.

What to have:
- Let them eat cake
- Nichols Fennel

Address: Levels 1 & 2, 21 Liverpool Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph.: (03) 9650 8859

Opening Hours:
Monday-Wednesday: 5pm-1am
Thursday: 5pm-3am
Friday: 5pm-5am
Saturday: 6pm-5am
Sunday Closed

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