Melbourne - French Elegance in the Middle of the City 06/04/2019

“The Kettle Black is a really well-known place in Melbourne, it has a majestic exterior that people are sure not to miss but also has some excellent food to savour on. If you want to dine in, remember to book a table or you can also just take away a perfect cup of coffee.”

Sandwiched between two huge modern buildings is a modest sized, gorgeous, white timeless Victorian style building. Despite the juxtaposition of The Kettle Black with its surroundings, the building naturally harmonises and blends in as a little gem of Melbourne. This is the well-renowned and highly frequented The Kettle Black.

The Kettle Black and Higher Ground are operated by the same company, but the feel and designs are completely different. The workbench tables framed in black steel, the hexagonal marble tiles and the brass detailing make this place an unparalleled combination of exquisite luxury and natural elegance.

The Kettle Black has won many design accolades both locally and internationally. Not only is the style unique, but details in the aesthetics from the food, coffee to flowers are crafted beautifully for customers.

The Kettle Black is a harmonised balance of simple and complex, modest luxury and bursts of colour, where you are bound to invigorate your taste buds and your mood. In the busy city of Melbourne, take time to have a coffee here or pretend you are enjoying an afternoon meal in France.

What to eat:
- Kingfish, pickle pesto, pickled mustard seeds
- Chilli scrambled eggs with mooloolaba crab

Address: 50 Albert Rd, South Melbourne VIC 3205
Ph. : (03) 9088 0721

Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday 7am–4pm
Saturday-Sunday 8am–4pm

Reccommended by Tangent