Let’s have some really strong modern art here, ARC ONE Gallery 06/04/2019

Established in 2002, by three artists-turned-gallerists, Emma Kranz (retired), Suzanne Hampel and Fran Clark, ARC ONE Gallery is a hidden secret, showcasing leading Australian contemporary art gallery located on Flinders Lane, in the heart of the Melbourne arts precinct.

The gallery is like the “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” of the art scene, holding prestigious artwork of very high standard—a museum or national gallery standard, of which are highly recognised in Australia and abroad.

ARC ONE Gallery also has close connections with museums, curators and consultants in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe. Many ARC ONE artists are featured in prestigious Australian and international public collections, and ARC ONE has been involved with major public commissions.

“Let’s arc up. Let’s have some really strong art here”, embodies ARC ONE and their vision of presenting powerful contemporary art that is profound, grotesque, cutting-edge and diverse, from the most promising emerging artists. The selection of art is chosen by the founders themselves, based on their instincts and insight as artists and knowledge of contemporary art, and their awe and love of the pieces.

Modern aspects of nonconformity and innovation are felt in the exhibitions displayed here, making you truly appreciate the freedom an artist has to express their thoughts, feelings, opinions and contempt about the world. The form of expression constantly challenges the boundaries of the way we think, dancing across our vision and carving out new shapes, forms and impressions in the viewers’ mind.

“We look for very strong rigorous intelligence with the artists; whether they are young or established and across a variety of mediums, all the work is of a high standard – often a museum standard. Their work is not always easy, some is quite challenging. These are people who have something to say that makes people think about their world and it is quite a distinctive language.”

ARC ONE is currently showing “Chivalry” an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists, Guan Wei.

ARC ONE Gallery

Address: 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Ph.: +61 3 9650 0589

Email: mail@arc1gallery.com

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm