A cabinet full of historic fashion trends, Vintage Sole - Melbourne 06/04/2019

“I serendipitously came across Vintage Sole when our Art lecturer was taking us to a gallery in the CBD. It’s in a really old building and has an air of mystery which really seems to just draw you in. The collection there has so many different textures and colours, and the prices are really great, around 50-60 dollars for an item.

I once found a really cool retro horse head metal belt buckle, the size of my fist, for just 30 dollars. It’s the kind of place where you can stumble across some excellent things, and there’s also a private gallery upstairs for those who wish to add to some unique art-spotting to their experience.”

“Dressing well can be both sustainable and affordable”

Stepping through the retro neon lights at the shop door is like entering a world from the decades of the 20th century, all in the midst of bustling downtown Melbourne. Founded in 2005, Vintage Sole has three stores across Melbourne and carries all sorts of vintage goodies from gorgeous belt buckles to radical hippy classics. Each item is hand-selected by the owner from around the world and is a time capsule in itself with its own soul and history.

These days modern twists on retro trends and the reinvention of the classic in fashion is a must for urban nesters. Vintage Sole selects timeless fashion trends from across the decades, while promoting sustainable and affordable fashion. In contrast to some other vintage stores, the clothing at Vintage Sole is very well priced. Fashion trends today are a fusion of old classics laced with new elements and well-loved vintage fashion will not only never go out of style but continue to endure throughout time.

Vintage Sole(Fitzroy)
Address: 258 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Ph. : (03) 9419 6365
Opening Hours:

Vintage Sole(CBD)
Address: 6/37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph. : (03) 9663 6317
Opening Hours:

Vintage Sole(South Yarra)
Address: 153 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181
Ph. : (03) 9521 1175

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